I bought a car in Germany! How do you export?

You come to Germany on holidays and fall in love with a car and can’t part with him! What is the solution? Export vehicles! It is connected with a red ribbon and therefore, paper is needed. Customs inspections cannot be avoided.

You need a item forwarder that can handle exports. However, before you approach the freight forwarder, follow the steps below.

Two important factors must be checked before thinking further.

What is the total value of the car? This will be mentioned in your commercial invoice
What is the total weight of the car?
If the total value of the car below 1000 EUR and the weight of the car is less than 1000 kg, the export declaration is not needed. Commercial invoices can be presented as export documents. This is officially called verbal customs declaration. In all other cases, the export declaration is mandatory. The European Economic Council Regulation 2454/93 stipulates this in Article 787. It Houston TX Car Shippers describes and defines the provisions to apply Regulation of 2913/92.

This is a list for you. It’s incomplete but it will give you a rude idea of ​​what you have to do before successfully exporting your car.

Ask the commercial invoice that states car details (gasoline, diesel, chassis number, weight, etc.)

Get an export plate from the vehicle registration office. Your dealer must guide you

See that you have an international vehicle certificate

Get the weight and dimensions of the vehicle. Freight forwarders cannot do anything without these two factors

The tank must be emptied completely and may not contain any fuel

Don’t be surprised: the vehicle is classified under the DGR (hazardous item regulation) as a class 9 and a dangerous item statement called the sending declaration is needed. Freight forwarders can complete this through certified companies.

Freight Forwarder will require a commercial invoice and car paper to send electronic export declarations to the customs office

Shipping expedition companies will be able to notify you about further steps: customs inspection, transportation to the airport etc.

A copy of the sender’s declaration will and must be visible to the outside of the car. This must be done before the vehicle is sent to the airline.